TITLE: Siyudad Na May Kaluluwa
GENRE: (Regional) Docu - Drama
DIRECTOR: Gelo Lagasca
SCREENPLAY: Rohan Rimando & Gelo Lagasca
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Leslie Reyes & Gelo Lagasca
CAST: Handiong Kapuno, Giul Sanchez


Best Film, Siyudad Na May Kaluluwa, Ibagiw Film Festival 2019: Revisioning Baguio 
Best Director, Gelo Lagasca, Ibagiw Film Festival 2019: Revisioning Baguio 
Best Actor, Guil Sanchez, Ibagiw Film Festival 2019: Revisioning Baguio 


The story portrays a young man’s life and how it can run parallel to his relationship with the city he lives in.


Set in the unrelenting rain, which takes up most of Baguio’s climate, a young man contemplates his dreams and purpose amongst the crowded streets of the city he calls home.

As he arrives in his simple house, he finds that his better half is plagued by the same sentiments. Their relationship is put through strain, a rollercoaster ride of emotions, contrasted by the harsh and unpredictable weather that is both Baguio’s blessing and a curse. Quarrels and fits of frustration are met, balanced by peaceful and serene moments. 

The two struggle both on their own and as a couple, always at the brink of giving up on their dreams, on love or the city they live in. But just when they are at the end of their limits, the city shows them a glimmer of hope. Soon, they recognize that the trials and tribulations the city has brought them serve to make them stronger, it empathizes with every moment of their journey and it almost seems as if their city has a soul. 
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